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Tips on how to get the best low cost accommodation in Sydney

So you're going to travel to an exceptionally awesome city of Australia and need to get a good budget accommodation to stay ' Sydney is certainly the largest metropolis of Australia so that you can feel sure there are a lot of accommodation included the least expensive budget hostels as well as most premium hotels. However regardless of the kind of accommodation you are going to prefer you want to be certain of getting the most for your money, so you have to find the best cost-benefit offer. To help you make the ideal decision here are some of the most crucial ideas of finding a suitable accommodation for your next vacation. 1. Specific location Decide what type of holiday vacation you'dke! Do you want to spend the whole day within the beach area? (please note: the australian sun is really strong, stay out of the sun in lunchtime also remember to use sunscreen lotion) Or do you opt for looking for elegant cafes in the city? Maybe a long bushwalk or hike? You should take your desired outdoor activities into consideration when you will decide in which district of Sydney are you searching for a nice budget accommodation. It's pointless to make a reservation for a hotel room on the beach if you tend to spend the most of your time visiting the places of the city. 2. Range of prices One of the most important factors. Typically the lower the cost the lower the quality. But never make a choice solely by the price. Make sure you look for the best cost-benefit accommodation. Here is an example: you don't have sufficient money to book an accommodation in a four star hotel however you don't mind sharing a residence with a host (needless to say you are going to have your private bedroom and the majority of the time bathroom too). In this way you're able to enjoy the same level of quality as those that select a hotel room but on a reduced price (have a look at 3. Room services Exactly what kind of facilities are really essential for you to enjoy a satisfying stay? Inside swimming pool, health spa, ironing facilities, fridge, wireless internet, television, en-suite bathroom, free parking? One good advice: stay away from hotels without air conditioning in the summer. 4. REAL Reviews Don't make the same mistake as numerous other travellers make: don't trust in search engines first page review web pages blindly. Many of them are usually affiliate webpages and don'tst the best budget accommodation but the ones which usually pay more to have an affiliatenk. Beware of these sites. 5. Specific expectations Keep in mind your special wishes during looking for the best accommodation. Are you a smoker? Do you or somebody travelling together with you have any specific disabilities? Are you in need special medical surveillance? 6. Reliable websites Probably the most trustworthy aggregator booking sites is There you can also find real people's reviews, and also photos as well as special offers.,, and is actually the same. is an aggregator of the mentioned aggregator sites and in addition it has some handy travelling ideas. is perfect for people who prefer lower priced private host to bigger accommodations. If you wouldke to read more tips and infos about finding a cheap accommodation in the city of Sydney then please visit my webite at

Top 10 European Ski Resorts

When the word “skiing” is mentioned, most people will think about famous ski destinations such as the French Alps and Aspen. However, skiers and travelers who are in-the-know have their own favorite skiing resorts. It seems that Europe is home to some of the best ski resorts in the world, and these resorts have all the geographic features and amenities to provide the most exciting and fulfilling skiing experience. Europe is the continent that has the highest number of skiing and snowboarding trails, and it is not surprising that it has many world class ski resorts. If you are planning a skiing trip to Europe, it is recommended that you visit these ski resorts.Val d'Isere, France Val d'Isere is commonly referred to as “Espace Killy”, and it is one of the largest ski resorts in France. It is best-known as the hometown of famous Olympic gold medalist and French skiing icon Jean-Claude Killy. The resort has some of the best runs that can be found in the Alps, and it is a favorite destination for expert skiers. With hundreds of skifts, this resort can accommodate a large number of skiers. The Val Village offers all the comforts of modern amenities as well as old village hospitality.Courchevel, France Courchevel is actually a ski area that is made up of five different ski resorts, and it is also the name of the highest resort. All the ski resorts use the same ski slopes. This ski area draws many skiing enthusiasts from Paris, and it is home to some of the finest hotels and restaurants in the French Alps. As such, you have to be prepared to pay high prices when you are vacationing there. However, you can opt to stay in the more affordable lower villages. Portes du Soleil, France Portes du Soleil is a French ski resort that has something for everyone. There are so many runs there that you can ski a different one every day for up to two weeks. Additionally, it has hundreds of miles of piste for backcountry skiing. If you are vacationing in Portes du Soleil anytime between December and April, you can have a great time enjoying its unspoilt surroundings. Mont Blanc image from wikimedia Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France/strong Chamonix Mont-Blanc is one of the most popular skiing and climbing destinations in France. The ski resort is situated close to Mont-Blanc, and it features a diverse variety of slopes, making it the ideal place for both beginners and expert skiers. Other than skiing, you can also indulge in activities such as snowboarding, hiking, and water sports. Chamonix Mont-Blanc also offers lots of accommodation choices, ranging from budget apartments to luxury hotels. strongCortina d'Amprezzo, Italy/strong Cortina d'Amprezzo in Italy has been a favorite skiing destination since two centuries ago. Its towering peaks offer breathtaking views, and its town provides a wonderful experience of countryfe in Northern Italy. It is also known for its excellent dining opportunities, which mostly come in the form of high-end restaurants. Cortina d'Amprezzo was once the venue for the Winter Olympics, and it is a preferred holiday destination for many celebrities. Some of the famous personalities who have visited this ski resort include George Clooney, Bridgitte Bardot, and Audrey Hepburn. Verbier strongVerbier, Switzerland Verbier in Switzerland is a cosmopolitan ski resort that attracts the trendiest skiers. It features a large ski area that is suitable for both beginner and experienced skiers, and it has four valleys that offer exciting outdoor adventures as well as spectacular views. This resort is also known for its excellent restaurants and vibrant nightclubs. p Zermat Zermatt, Switzerland The Zermatt ski resort is situated in a deep valley among towering mountains. Due to a significant increase in the number of visitors over the years, the resort has been transformed from a village to a town. The unique thing about this resort is that there are absolutely no cars on the streets. All visitors are required to leave their cars in an underground parking area and take a train to the resort. Traveling is done on foot and ski. The absence of cars makes Zermatt a very tranquil place. The quality of food in this resort is also very high, and the prices are mostly reasonable. Lech-Zurs. Austria/strong The resorts of Lech and Zurs in Austria arenked by a ski area that belongs to the Arlberg ski domain. Featuring 13 ski routes, 7 high alpine touring runs, and 8 extreme ski routes, these resorts offer great skiing opportunities for skiers of all skill levels. The Zurs ski resort is more suitable for beginner skiers, while Lech is more popular among intermediate skiers. Villages in the Lech-Zurs ski area are all connected by theft system. strongIgls, Austria/strong Igls is one of the most charming ski villages in Austria. It is situated in a scenic place above the Inn Valley, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding natural beauty. Its interesting skiing terrain and wide diversity of slopes makes it a popular skiing place for people of all skiing abilities. With steep sections near the peak, it offers great excitement for even the most experienced skiers. The village has a most tranquil and relaxing atmosphere, and it features many good restaurants and bars. This is a perfect place to experience Austrian countryside hospitality. There is a free bus service that connects downtown Innsbruck to Igls and other ski areas. Stubai Glacier is an excellent place to ski because it receives a good amount of snowfall. kitzbuhel strongKitzbuhel, Austria The Kitzbuhel ski resort in Austria is known as one of the best skiing destinations in the world. There is an abundance of snow and very exciting ski runs in this resort. Kitzbuhel is home to the famous Streif, which is regarded by many skiing enthusiasts as the most challenging downhill run in the world. If you are a fan of ski mountaineering, there are many excellent routes around the resort for you to explore. Accommodation in the Kitzbuhel ski resort comes mostly in the form of charming ski huts. The resort also has a number of beautiful snow parks that are worth visiting. top; Ski jump image from wikimedia p br class=clearp